Dr Deborah Drake brings much knowledge and experience to the new millenium along with modern tools for the average person to the Professional. She teaches the core of Bioterrain correction and its impact on Stress, Pain, Relaxation and Peak Performance, and its implications on the  Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit. 

The Bioenergetics Course is designed for all levels of participation, using simplified concepts, powerpoint and lecture webinars, addressing sequential key concepts, delivered in small bite sized sections. Successive courses add up over time to a wealth of knowledge to guide a lifelong healthy lifestyle, using acceleration tools like Bioenergetic Devices to enhance organs, nutrition, cleansing, harmonization and detoxification of the body gently and non invasively. Study credits apply for amassing a graduation in Bioenergetics for those interested in a career option as an Integrative Health Coach in Bioenergetics.

Dr. Drake's background in this field is immense. She has a wealth of experience in the health care field since her early childhood love of sports and music. She studied Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, then Premed Bachelor of Science in Biology, Psychology and Biochemistry research. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science BSc with Distinction in 1982 from University of Alberta, then moved to Hamilton Ontario for Medical School at McMaster, known for self directed education. She graduated as a DOCTOR OF MEDICINE with her Medical LMCC licence in Ontario in 1985 from McMaster. 

This was followed by a Residency at the University of Toronto in Family Medicine (CCFP 1987). She then attended University of Toronto for her Emergency Medicine Residency and was Chief Resident (CCFP-EM 1988). Her Medical Residency took her to many hospitals emergency rooms in North America including study in Boston (Beth Israel Hospital), San Francisco (Moffitt Long Hospital) and Detroit City (Henry Ford Hospital), and in Ontario, to Huntsville Memorial Hospital, Nepean Hospital and finally to the Markham Stouffville Hospital where she helped open the new facility as a Casualty Officer and headed the  department Quality Assurance Program.

After 5 years in emergency medicine, she began Private Practice as the Health Cirquet Family Medicine Centre in Markham, and worked there full time in Family, Sports and Family Counselling from 1993 to 2012, undertaking clinical teaching and research, becoming a Fellow in the College of Family Physicians of Canada. (FCFP). 

In 2001, Dr. Drake was introduced to Quantum Biofeedback and became a worldwide instructor in 50 cities over a decade educating students on non-invasive body mapping and biofeedback therapy, attaining publications and a degree as an Certified Biofeedback Specialist (CBS) and Certified Quantum Instructor (CQI). 

Thereafter Dr. Drake turned her attention to natural medicine, continuing her lifelong love of learning by her study of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAP) and Auricular Therapy followed by a graduation with a degree in Osteopathic Manual Practice (DO(MP). This lead to further research and clinical practice and a retirement for Allopathic Medicine in 2012 and full time study and Graduation with the Integrative Medicine Doctor Degree and Doctor of Humanitarian Services, while working under the Board of Integrative Medicine and World Organization of Natural Medicine (www.WONM.org). Through these organizations she now works in clinical research as the Director of the Department of Bioenergetics for the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine (www.cchm-edu).

She continues to share her wealth of information, having constructed on-line education programs in past, including Harmonize Your Health, the Institute of Quantum Medicine, then the Quantum Mastery Mentorship Program, and currently is the author and professor of the new Bioenergetics.thinkific.com website for home study and certification in Bioenergetic Medicine Coaches, Practitioners, Doctors and Researchers.

Her work continues in cutting edge research and development of natural medicine tools and she has been a prime consultant to the AmpCoil BetterGuide by Health Evolution Technology Inc. Company in the Research and Development of a new genre of therapy called PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency). She was one of the authors and Researchers of of the BetterGuide Software system for the AmpCoil PEMF device .

She continues her love of music writing PEMF enhanced soundtracks and appearances using AmpCoil Lounge demonstrations, including to the National Music Center in Calgary Alberta,  lecturing on Music As Medicine to those interested in self care non invasive and effective technologies for the whole family. 

In their new website www.Besttriage.com, she has partnered with Dr. John Sargent, Doctor of Natural Medicine, to educate and bring forth new technologies and webinars or events to underscore the need for detoxification such as Ionic Foot Baths, Light Therapy, Nutritional support, and Consultation.

She begins a new internet broadcast called BIOENERGETICS Show, aired starting Sept 6 2018, with bimonthly installments, in conjunction with Dr Darrell Wolfe Doc of Detox program in order to share her deep understanding and simplified protocols and technologies to foster self directed care and continuing education.

She can be reached at 

website www.HealthCounts.ca

Website www.BestTriage.com

Website www.Bioenergetics.thinkific.com

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Call or text for Appointements or registration inquiries


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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter #1 BE100_1 Bioenergetics Orientation Instructions

    • How to Use the Mini-Course Template

    • How to use this course

    • A message from your instructor

    • Before we begin...Let's determine your intentions, goals, skill level and Certification desires

    • The Why

    • The What

    • The How

  • 2

    Chapter #2 BE100_2 Bioenergetics Part 1 & 2 Plasma, Light, PEMF, MItochondria

    • BE100_2_3 Bioenergetics Theory Part1 Light Plasma and Magnetism by Dr Deborah Drake Feb 25 2019

    • BE100_2_4 Bioenergetics Theory Part 2 Mitochondrial Energy Feb 25 2019

    • MAH01086 Hart House Promo Oct 22 2016 International TCM Convention 2016

  • 3

    Chapter #3 BE100 Bioenergetics Overview of Curriculum in PEMF Home & Professional Certification

    • MAH01080 AmpCoil BetterGuide & CCHM IHC Coaching Certification

    • MAH01081 Coaching Certficiation IHC INP IMD IPHD from CCHM BOIM WONM

    • MAH01083 Career ReTraining from WONM BOIM CCHM CLINICS for HUMANITY

    • MAH01084 Health Safari by HealthCounts.ca

    • MAH01085 AmpCoil.com Training via Webinars and WONM Convention Certification IHC

    • MAH01088 Bioenergetic Coaching Course Outline by Instructor Dr Drake (1)

    • MAH01089 Music Therapy is a Necessity in LIfe

    • Bioenergetic 100 - Orientation to the Academy Programs and Higher Education Progression Available

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